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Declan Frost

Sith Knight
Force User
Sith Eternal
Planet Cantonica - Canto Bight (Casino)

As he passed a mirror Declan stopped to check his suit, making sure he looked immaculate. Normally he wouldn't care, he wasn't one for pomp and circumstance but tonight was a different sort of night. While he didn't have a close relationship with his family, in fact he hardly talked to them, he was still a Memeber of House Frost one of The Ten and needed to make such appearances to maintain his title. He would have given up the whole thing but the alliance between The Ten and the Sith Eternal had brought both a great deal of benefit, and the priviledges and power associated with House Frost had been useful for his own agenda. So when his mother had informed him of this event he had begrudgingly agreeded to attend.

As a show of power and wealth The Ten had rented the entire casino and invited anyone of wealth and power throughout the Galaxy. It was almost amusing seeing criminals, Sith, powerful business elite, and Republic senators all mingling together laughing and partying when most of them would have gladly stabbed each other in the back.

"Well it is about time Declan," his mother's voice both pleasant yet hostile pulled Declan from his thoughts after he entered the main hall. "You were supposed to be here an hour ago."

"Just being fashionably late," Declan replied keeping an equally pleasant tone in his voice. "Besides nothing intertesting has happend yet, just a bunch of rich people getting drunk and gambling credits."

"Still you shoukd have been here when the family entered and was formally announced." She chided, finally revealing why she was annoyed. Declan's being late had shown a crack in the perfect House Frost veneer.

"Well I'm here now, and I intend to play nice. Unless you continue to annoy me." Declan didn't even bother to vail the threat, no one was in ear shot and Lady Frost should have known better than to attempt to scold a Sith. He may be her son by blood, but as the next Lord Frost and a Sith Knight he wasn't about to let her dictate his actions. "I'm getting a drink," He said coldly letting her off the hook as he walked away toward the bar.

"Vodka straight" Declan ordered from the bar tender. Running his hand through his hair he let his anger go, there was no point here. And since he had to be here he might as well have fun.

As the bar tender handed him the drink someone bumped him from behind causing the drink to spill all over the bar. "What the hell!" Declan said allowing his anger to flair up again. But as he turned he stopped in his tracks his face flushed with surprise. "You! Again!?"


New Member
For a girl that thought she grew up on a lower level of Coruscant, it came as a surprise that a casino on Canto Bight had reached out to her add for a job. Not just any casino, but one of the rather more well done and expensive ones. It almost seemed like it was meant to cater to royalty and nobility. Why would they want to hire her for this job? That question only lingered for a few moments before Ra agreed to their conditions of employment.

One of their conditions was how she dressed. There would be no wearing jeans to this place. Luckily they had agreed to pay half of her bill and the rest of it would be taken care of when the delivery was done. With the credits they gave her, she was easily able to purchase a more formal business suit. She wasn't one to wear skirts unless she had to.

Landing her ship, droids came out to help start unloading her cargo. Knowing there was a function starting any minute, she also helped. Taking one of the hover carts, she loaded up several containers of drink and headed to the nearest bar. Avoiding most of the high traffic areas, when she arrived to make the delivery, she was instructed to take it one of the bars along the edge of the grand room.

As she was trying to get the cart into a position, her back was to the bar for a moment. In that instance, the man that just ordered the drink got bumped. Trying to stop the cart had been a bit difficult and she hadn't hit the stop soon enough. In order to prevent him from getting hurt, she had put herself between them.

Letting out an apology, she turned to face him. When their eyes met, he exclaimed and Ra just looked at him with confusion on her face.

"I am sure you are mistaken. We have never met. Sorry for bumping you. This karking cart didn't want to stop."

Cursing was probably the wrong thing to do, but it was natural for her these days. Her cheeks colored slightly, but she didn't attempt to take the word back.

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