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Mazen Darksun

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Mazen Darksun

Name: Mazen Darksun "Farmboy"

Faction: New Republic
Age: 33
Species: Chandrilan Human
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 200 lb
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown

Reserved/shy, seemingly all-business.

Cela (wife, deceased), Adum (son, deceased)

The younger son of Chandrilan farmers, Mazen joined the Chandrilan Planetary Defense Navy as a supplement to his farm income. He flew planetary/system missions as the New Republic asserted itself across the galaxy as the Imperial Remnant was chased out of the galaxy. His family had been in downtown Hanna City the day a former Imperial general had been discovered in hiding. Resisting arrest, the general detonated himself and the surrounding structure. Caught too close to the blast zone, Mazen's family was killed. This moment spurred the pilot to leave the farm and Chandrila, joining the New Republic's forces as a pilot, determined to protect other families so they'd be spared his fate.

He moved up through the ranks, proving himself an ace pilot and capable leader, eventually leading Starfighter Command and Rogue Squadron.
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