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Thelle Tamme

The Arbiter
Force User
Sith Eternal
Overview of character these are needed for: Thelle Tamme, the Arbiter, is the former Jedi Battlemaster. A Korun hailing from Ghosh Tamme, the granddaughter of the leader of Haruun Kal's Tamme Coalition, she served the Jedi for 10 years in the face of the loss of her children but abandoned the Order and the Republic for the Sith Eternal in the hopes of forging a place for her children "amongst their own kind". With a history of moral ambiguity, and a leadership of the Jedi Shadows that the Grandmaster she dueled upon her abandoning the Order would have never approved of, Thelle's allegiance to the focus that comes along with her mastery of Vaapad while not tainting the style with a darkness of her own has led her to become a figure tied up in great dramas and even greater moral quandries - but one that is an excellent leader. An empire builder rather than a simple conquerer, she intends to serve the Sith with wisdom, but is faced fighting old allies that she once stood side by side by. Thelle Tamme will never fall to the dark side, but she is slipping further into the darkness of her own humanity.

The Children - Thelle Tamme joined the Sith, though not the dark side, to watch over her children, and buy them a position in the Sith Eternal after they tried to lay claim to the title of Dark Lords of the Sith. Not much of Thelle changed, but her motivations certainly did. They are her weakest point. Becoming the Archbishop of War of the Sith, the deal she brokered has permanently rejoined her with two children who had been stolen by the fallen Jedi Master turned Sith Lord, Darth Mir. She brokered for a place amongst the Sith Eternal for both her and her children, so that they could have a chance amongst her own kind and she could protect her family from the Jedi. She found that the Sith were more likely to encourage her Tamme attributes than the Jedi, as well, and eventually would become accustomed to the benefits of her office. The children fought Hawk Hinata alongside their mother when she realized who they were, and she knew that she had to protect them.

Political/Economic Marriage - Thelle's previous husband, the mother of her children, has died. Thelle is in need of allies, and one of the best ways to get those is through a political/economic marriage. Thelle had her eggs frozen after having her first batch of kids, and I was hoping that would alleviate any issues. When it comes down to it, in Thelle's society family trumps duty trumps honor, and so they would likely be close allies due to the marriage even if it isn't one born out of love or incorporates polygamous aspects. Thelle possesses vast resources that could aid the individual she married, and I would hope they would have something to contribute. She's building a private military force/armada that will be operating out of the area she's doing her takeover in, the real prize of which are the remnants of the Starforge, and as Thelle increases in resources as a warlord I was hoping that she would have someone by her side to do so. This isn't an explicitly restricting role, and theoretically any close ally could fulfill it as long as they had a mutual ground to stand on. There is a possibility that one day Thelle will attempt to forge an Alliance of Independent Systems, but so far she's still working with the Sith eternal as one of their highest ranking officials - and that comes with a certain influence.

Current Apprentice - Three years ago, Thelle's Padawan left the Jedi Order with her. Though not technically Sith, working alongside her Sith children as well as the Sith Eternal has led her padawan down an increasingly treacherous path in a galaxy where the Jedi and Republic are likely to seek them out. Likely to be female as Thelle hails from a matriarchal clan where men are considered too emotional to rule, but is not necessary, though it will alter how they interact.

Former Master - Thelle would have a former master who may or may not still be a Jedi. She would've began her apprenticing at age 13, and likely have become a Knight at some point from age 18 to 20. Thelle is now 47, so it would've... Been a while. I'd prefer for them to still be a Jedi, but this is not necessary - it will just alter how they interact. Taken by Mak Manto, who was once a member of an old Order and whose character traces back to previous iterations of the board (the Pre-Discord, pre-Skype days).
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