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Nathaniel Alcine

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Nathaniel Alcine

Name: Nathaniel Alcine
Rank: Elite
Faction: Underworld
Age: 25
Species: Half-Chiss, Half-Chandrilan Human
Height: 6'
Weight: 180 lb
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Glowing red

Personality: Aloof and mistrustful

Family: Father, located on Csilla - Mother, deceased - Sister, location unknown

Weapons: Chiss charric blaster, vibroblade

History: Raised by an abusive father on Csilla, Nathaniel joined the CEDF at as young of age as possible in order to escape his ruthless home life. Military life was not much better, especially as a half-breed, but it taught him valuable skills, learning to fly and fix starships of all sizes. When his CEDF squadron took a mission to the reaches of Wild Space, Nathaniel defected, faking his death in a crash on a settled planet. From there, he worked his way to the Outer Rim as a mechanic on smuggling and pirate vessels in the region, until finding regular work in the Underworld.
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