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Announcement New Linked Accounts Add On

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Our developer has finished our new add on. This new system should do several things:
  1. It will allow you to seamlessly switch from one account to another. You should not have to go back to the master account each time
  2. You should have a drop down menu letting you post as whatever account you want
  3. We should no longer have random glitches that eat accounts and delete them

Now you will need to re-link all your old accounts under this new system. If you notice one is missing please remake the account. If you run into trouble please alert me.

This should be the LAST time you ever have to remake an account. The old system continuously deleted peoples accounts and would not let people seamlessly switch between all accounts. This one should.

Please let me know if anything is not working. This was expensive and I paid to have support to be able to fix glitches while we sort it out.