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RP Idea

Danster Bokoto

Jedi Master
Force User
Fresh from just finishing the epic season 2 of The Mandalorian, I had an idea for an RP that could cross both eras and maybe breathe some life into both eras?

In the Mandalorian (and Clone Wars/Rebels) we see the Darksaber, that Mandalorian folklore says gives the wielder the right to rule Mandalore. We could introducing something similar in our modern era RP. It could be like a cross between the Darksaber and the One Ring from LOTR. It could cause Jedi to be corrupted by its lure and Sith to go crazy over it and Neutrals to have the opportunity to wield something more powerful than the force. We'd obvioulsy have multiple storylines were several different people get to have their hands on it before it culminates ultimately in it being destroyed (don't want some superweapon being bandied round).

Now, perhaps simultaneously we could have the origin story for this great weapon play out in the Old Republic Era? How it came to be, how it was used and how it ended up disappearing for millenia?