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Rules (Please Read)

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1) We are a play by post community set in the Star Wars Universe. You may utilize any species or tech from the Star Wars films, or expanded universe (both Canon and Legends). No cross overs please.

2) Please register with your character's first and last name with proper capitalization.

3) If any content will be over PG-13 please post a warning in the title. Example (Adult Content).

4) No Character may maim or kill another character unless both writers agree to it.

5) No Godmoding. Staff have the final say on what constitutes Godmoding if there is a dispute.

6) Be respectful and have fun. This means you will be tolerant of everybody and not post any hateful messages or be a troll.

7) Please post a bio of your character in the "character biography" forum.

8) TGC is meant to be an escape into a galaxy far far away. In order to ensure this escape we ask you leave your Earthly views on politics, religion, morals, and similar topics off of the site. A few comments here and there are okay, but we should not see serious political discussion on this site or in chat.

9) If you choose to leave TGC please do so quietly. Any announcement or fuss made about your departure will result in a permanent ban.

10) Our rules apply to our TGC Discord and social media accounts as well.

11) You should register with one primary account. All other accounts you have should be sub-accounts. You can create a sub-account by going into your account preferences. If you need help please message Admin Droid.

  • We are set after Return of the Jedi in an alternate universe. That being said we still make use of ALL Star Wars tech and species so please suspend your disbelief to accommodate those stories. You can learn more about our timeline here.

1) We operate on a three rank system

Force Using Ranks:
  • Master
  • Knight
  • Apprentice / Padawan
Non-Force Using Ranks:
  • Elite
  • Adept
  • Trainee

At TGC there are two ways to rank up. They are known as the “fast track” and the “standard track.”

The standard track is the default way to move up the ranks. Think of this like playing a video game from the beginning without any cheat codes. This way will give users the best experience and will allow them to have a feeling of accomplishment and reward as they watch their characters grow.

The Standard Track System:

  • Padawan/trainee – Knight/adept
    • Users start as either an apprentice (Force users) or trainee (non-Force users)
    • During this phase users should get to know others.
    • They should complete faction threads
    • They should ask other members to train their character IC
    • They should ask other members to help them learn the culture of the community OOC
    • To reach Knight/adept Level:
      • Users must complete 3 roleplays

  • Knight/adept – Master/Elite
    • Master/Elite rank is the highest rank we offer on TGC. To reach it on the standard track is a great accomplishment in the community.
    • During this phase users demonstrate they are leaders of the community
    • Users create new threads and ideas for their factions and groups
    • Users develop solid IC foundations for their character
    • Users form lasting OOC relationships
    • To reach the Master/Elite Level:
      • Users must complete 10 roleplays OR have been an active member of TGC for 1 month.

The Fast Track System
You know how after you’ve played a video game all the way through sometimes you just want to use cheat codes and play for fun not achievement? That is what the fast track offers our members. With this system experienced TGC players who already know our culture and our community are able to develop a character at any rank they choose. This allows for creative freedom and the ability to jump right into certain stories a user might have.

The downside of this system is that members miss out on the rewarding feeling of achievement they got from earning ranks. Afterall we know that using cheat codes doesn'’t really mean you mastered the game! That is why we encourage members to use the standard system most of the time.

  • Factions are groups of roleplayers who have similar IC interest.
  • Factions may structure themselves how they like but should not deny membership to players
  • You may join as many factions as you like. Try to be logical. A Jedi probably wouldn't join a Sith faction for example.
  • You can be a Force User or Non Force User in any faction. Just be logical. A non-Force user might be an Antarian Ranger but they certainly wouldn't be a Jedi Master for example.
Creating A Faction
  • At this time we will have only staff created factions.
1) Please keep all images PG 13
2) The avatar size is 150x150
3) Make sure your images do not stretch out our board
4) We do not enforce face claims here. It is best try and use a play by that another player is not using, but there will be no official policy on faces. Please be respectful.

  • This is a member governed site. This means that members are responsible for solving conflicts and creating a community together.
  • The main staff account will be "Admin Droid." Others may become staff but most of the power of this site will be in the hands of the members
  • Members are encouraged to take leadership positions by IC actions.

Failure to Follow the Rule
1) When a member fails to follow the rules the following procedure will be used:
  • First Offense: Warning
  • Second Offense: One week ban
  • Third Offense: One month ban
  • Three strikes and you are out
2) This site is supposed to be very casual and not rule heavy.
  • Members should solve conflicts together and create a community they can be proud of.
  • If someone is bothering you please try and talk to them.
  • If your differences cannot be solved it is advised you avoid the person.
  • If more action is needed please do not hesitate to send a message to Admin Droid.
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