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Sarraka Jungreel

Sarraka Jungreel

Republic Intelligence
Force User
Name: Sarraka Jungreel
Rank: Elite
Faction: The New Republic
Age: 35
Species: Zabrak
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 145lbs
Hair Color: Grey
Eye Color: Light Blue

General Appearance:

Intelligence -
Sarraka is very intelligent and will often think her way out of situations. She prefers to create ellabraite traps and strategic plans as a means to defeat an enemy rather than direct confrontation, which have proven effective in the past.
Marksmanship - She is very effective with both blasters, sniper blasters, and vibroblades.
Stealth - She has several different means of employing her stealth, from a natural talent of moving with minimal noise, a Mimetic Suit, and a Cloaking device integrated into her ship.

Single-Minded Determination
- While many would see this as an asset, for Sarraka it has been a constant detriment. She will often pursue a goal with dogged determination to the exclusion of all other concerns. Leaving her off balance and vulnerable to situation outside her field of focus.
Diplomacy - Sarraka has a complete lack of diplomacy in any of her interactions and is often seen as blunt, callous, and straightforward. She lacks the ability to season her comments with a grain of salt, preferring to 'tell it like it is', and sees diplomacy in her day to day interactions as a waste of time.

Born in a small village outside Wortan City on Iridonia, she lived happily with her little family until her parents and siblings were killed in a pirate raid that resulted in the deaths and destruction of most of the village. She was then taken to an orphanage in Wortan city until the age of 14 when she was taken by |||Redacted||| who raised and trained her as |||Redacted by Republic Intelligence|||-|||Redacted by Republic Intelligence|||. After graduating from |||Redacted||| she was recruited by |||Redacted||| to be an |||Redacted||| where she excelled in all her assignments and quickly rose in the ranks.

Eventually promoted to |||Redacted by Republic Intelligence|||-|||Redacted by Republic Intelligence|||-|||Redacted by Republic Intelligence|||-|||Redacted by Republic Intelligence|||. After which she was assigned to the |||Redacted||| and given the mission to |||Redacted by Republic Intelligence|||-|||Redacted by Republic Intelligence||| After the success of this and other missions she was awarded honors by |||Redacted||| and again promoted.

After leaving service to |||Redacted||| she entered civilian life running Infinity Station, helping make it one of the most important Republic garrison outpost and trading stations. She was eventually approached by Republic Intelligence and the Chancellor of the Republic and offered thenposition as head of Republic Intelligence. Imposition which she accepted.

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Sarraka Jungreel

Republic Intelligence
Force User
Infinity Station
Station Description
Station Sections
The command and control deck sits at the top of the station in the central and acts as the main nerve center of the station. It houses the space control which coordinates vessels docking and leaving the station, the main bridge, and central engineering. The command deck also contains some officers and crew quarters and the officers lounge.
Main Hull:
The main hull is broken up into thre sections , the six main upper decks and the six lower decks make up the habitable sections while the remaining space below is filled with industrial and machinery decks, the hyperdrive, power core, and fabrication sections.
Upper Decks A thru F:
• Decks A, B, and C are the entertainment districts housing the casino, restaurants, bars and clubs, a wide variety of shops, and luxury accommodations.

• Deck D is customs, baggage claim, security offices, bounty hunters guild space, as well diplomatic and corporate spaces.

• Decks E and F are where medical facilities, child care, droidnrepair and storage, and general accommidation and housing are located. There is also a high security section that is off limits to all but a few station personal.

Lower Decks A thru F:
• Decks A and B are crew housing sections and low cost rentals.
• Deck C is the budget entertainment section with shops, bars and clubs, lower cost resturaunts, and crew services such as child care and medical facilities.
• Deck D is dedicated to droids. Sales and trade, repair, parts, customization, storage, as well as housing for station security droids.
• Decks E and F have the remaining crew accomidations, budget rentals and housing, warehouse district p, as well as security and prisioner facilities.

Station Wings:
The station has three wings, each wing has three hangers.
Technical Specifications

Power Plant: Main Reactor
Shielding: Powerful Shielding
Hull: Armored
Sensor Systems: Hyperwave Comm/Scanner
Targeting Systems: Targeting Scanner
Navigation System: Navigational Computer
Hyperdrive: Class 1.0 Hyperdrive

• Heavy Turbo Laser Cannons (6)
• Point-defense laser cannon turret (6)
• Heavy tractor beam projectors (3)
• Starfighters (24)
• Shuttles (6)
Crew: 600
Civilians: 2,000
Passengers: 7,500 (maximum)