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Sithy types

Heymar Reinhardt

Call me Wulfgar
Force User
I know you are the big mean nasties of the galaxy, feared by many, opposed by the Jedi.... oh those loathesome imbeciles working for the current galactic government, but let me extend a hand of friendship and my services if you need them.

Now I’m sure you are all sitting back wondering what a non force user can do for you but I’ve made my artistic debut on Coruscant and while I expect better of myself, there are 20 dead and 45 injured so far, though I’m working on increasing those numbers greatly and would be disappointed if I couldn’t take out 100 on my opening night. Basically where I’m going is, if you need the Rebels. My apologies, the Republic and those sickening dociles, the Jedi to well die without direct involvement, call me or at best put a call out for me. For obvious reasons I do have to lay low