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Takeover System

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Takeovers at TGC are when one faction tries to take ownership of a planet. The following procedure will be used to allow this to happen.

  • A faction should not be involved in more than two takeovers at a time.
  • Takeover results will be decided one month after the threads start date, or when the thread is completed, whichever comes first. This will be done by staff.
  • Factions are allowed to pre determine the results of their takeover. This should be done by discussing the thread together and letting Admin Droid know what both factions have decided. If both factions cannot agree then the results will not be determined beforehand and and a regular takeover will occur.
  • Please give 24 hours for someone to respond before you post again.
  • All TGC rules apply to takeovers.
  • Takeovers do not have to be war threads. Think outside the box. You could do non-lethal takeovers as well.
  • Factions will not lose their home planets.
  • Only staff approved factions can be in takeovers
  • If a faction causes problems they will automatically lose the takeover. Causing problems includes breaking any TGC rules (godmoding etc) or generally upsetting and stressing out Admin Droid about the thread.

Taking over an unoccupied planet
  • If the planet being taken over is not currently owned by a faction then the "attacking faction" gets the planet by default after they complete a thread detailing their arrival and acquisition of the planet. This will be a closed thread. Other factions cannot "show up" to take the planet. After the planet is acquired a regular takeover can be done if another faction decides they want it.
Taking over an occupied planet
  • In order to attack an occupied planet a faction must create a thread that clearly labels TWO objectives they want to complete.
  • An OOC thread should be made to coordinate between both factions

Determining The Winner (occupied planets)

Takeovers are won by a combination of skill, activity, participation and luck. The following system will be used to determine the winner. We will use a point system to determine the winner.
  • Activity: The faction with the most characters (not writers) in the thread gets 1 point
  • Participation: The faction with the most posts in the thread gets 1 point
  • Skill: The attacking faction gets 1 point for each objective they complete. Failure to complete objectives results in 1 point for the defending faction. Exactly two objectives will be used, no more, no less. In the case of a dispute it is at the staff's discretion to determine if an objective was met or not.
  • Luck: A dice roller will be used (by admin droid) to determine which faction has sheer luck on their side.
The faction with the most points at the end of one month wins. If there is a tie the planet is not taken over and remains at whatever status it was before the takeover.

A word from Admin Droid:
Takeovers are a privilege at TGC. I run this site for fun and not for stress so if this results in a lot of complaining and fighting I will take this privilege away. We are all old now and should be able to get along better than when we were young kids.
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