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Welcome to The Gungan Council! We are a relaxed community with a laid back system. Stop by and say hello today by registering for a free account!

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The Gungan Council is a play by post roleplaying community established in 1999. We feature a very open and relaxed atmosphere where players have endless opportunities to explore the galaxy far far away while meeting new friends and discovering adventure around every corner. Whether it’s starting a new character or transferring over one from another community there will be limitless fun to be had for all involved. No application required, play any rank you wish,. We are set after Return of the Jedi in an alternate universe. Be you Sith or Jedi, Rebel or Imperial solider, Smuggler or Bounty Hunter, we welcome all who would come write and discuss everything that Star Wars has to offer at our new location

Please always remember to respect our staff and your fellow community members, but most of all HAVE FUN!

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