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The New Republic

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Faction Overview:
The New Republic, also known as simply the Republic, is the democratic galactic government that serves as the restoration of the Galactic Republic and replaced the Galactic Empire as the new galactic authority. The Republic is composed of various member worlds spread across the galaxy. After their success at the Battle of Endor, and the death of the Emperor and his right hand Lord Vader, the Rebel Alliance began to reorganize into a fledgling new government known as the New Republic. In contrast to the xenophobia of the Empire, humans and aliens are equally represented in New Republic government institutions like the Galactic Senate. The New Republic has a galactic-wide economy based on galactic shipping lanes. While its economy is based on free trade and promoting prosperity, the New Republic does not allow the free trade of most forms of spice. The New Republic occupies a vast swaths of space stretching from the Inner Core to the Outer Rim Territories, and rather than continuin the tradition of having its Capital on Coruscant, they instead formed the senate and capital on Chandilla. While the Republic is a fraction the size of both the Galactic Republic and Empire, its egalitarian practices have left many neighboring star systems on friendly terms with the new government. Some even signing treaties of non-aggression and trade without formally joining the alliance.

Homeworld: Chandrila

Organization and Leadership:
The New Republic is lead by a Chancellor who was the head of the galactic senate. The system also had a judicial branch lead by a High Judiciary. The military was lead by a Commander in Chief who has a council of High Command to represent each branch of the military (naval, army, star fighter corps, intelligence.)

Chancellor: Din Wenhekiz
Commander in Chief:
High Judiciary:
High Command Naval:
High Command Army:
High Command Star fighter:
High Command Intelligence:
Sarraka Jungreel

Sub-Groups and Organizations:

Galactic Senate
Senators are the executive law makers of the galactic Republic. They are responsible for maintaining laws and overseeing the interests of the planets they represented.

Galactic Military:
The military consisted of naval, army, star-fighters and intelligence. Within the military are many specializations and subgroups.

Infinity Station:
A satellite station of the New Republic, Infinity station houses a crew that are top notch. There are luxry casinos aboard as well as diplomats, military personnel and all manor of galactic citizens that live aboard the station.

Judicial's were law enforcement in the Galactic Republic. This consisted of local police forces and judges who prosecuted criminals.

Citizens of the New Republic come in all shapes and sizes including business owners, performers, athletes, and others.
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