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Thistle's Tower (All)

Thistle Hinata

Little Nightmare
Force User
Thistle's Tower is back!

Thrusting upward from the void of Abafar and wreathed in unnatural mists, Thistle's Tower is a dark fortress of torment and home to the galaxy's toughest tournament.

Similar to "The Box" from the Clone Wars episode of the same name (though I wrote the original Thistle's Tower several years before that episode aired), competitors are invited/kidnapped against their will (Their choice) from across the galaxy to face ten levels of deadly challenges.
At each level one or more competitors is eliminated until only one remains, for only one is allowed to enter "The Pinnacle" and claim their prize.

How it works:

1. Sign up by responding here
2. You will be assigned a competitor number
3. I will create the rp
4. Basic challenge outlines will be provided upon progression to each new level. How those challenges progress is up to you.
5. I will eliminate one or more competitors at random per level
6. The last remaining competitor may enter "The Pinnacle" and claim their prize


Kamon Vondiranach
Mak Manto
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