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Valkyr Elensar

Valkyr Elensar

Son of Vurathi
Force User
Sith Eternal
Name: Valkyr Elensar
Rank: Master
Faction: Sith Eternal (Rogue)
Age: 28
Species: Valkyrian
Height: 6' 4"
Weight: 220 lbs.
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue

General Appearance: Youthful in appearance, bright blue eyes that are filled with a still cold glare, an unfeeling, untouched, determined gaze. His hair moves even without the presence of wind. Muscular and tall as are his people the Valkyrians. He is covered in scars from past battles while training from a young age.

Strengths: Extreme Intelligence, Force Usage, and Lightsaber combat mastery. His thought process is almost machine-like in logical reasoning and foresight making him a great military leader/tactician

Weaknesses: (3 are required): Too Logical which makes it harder for him to think abstractly, Surcomes to Valkyrian rage, suffers greatly from social issues, horrendous diplomate and politician.

History: Valkyr was born to the smallest clan on his home planet of Valkyria. His mother and father were poor farmers who died when he was young from disease and starvation. His grandfather took him in and at the age of 6 was revealed to be a user of the force and practitioner of the dark side. His grandfather was a harsh and brutal man. Teaching him the ways of the dark side, the cold and unquenchable thirst for power beyond imagining. Valkyr didn't take to the philosophical teachings which lead him to face punishment but also taught him to think logically to win arguments against his grandfather.

As he grew he was placed into more and more dangerous training which lead to him finding new scars upon himself each a lesson to be learned from. He pushed on determined to obtain the power his grandfather felt they deserved, but for Valkyr it was the power he felt he needed to achieve independence. Once he was 18 he confronted his grandfather after finding that he was being trained to be used as a pawn for his grandfather to take control of their clan the Vurathi.

The two fought and Valkyr nearing defeat against his grandfather tapped into his primal powers, the rage that had built up within his escaped and he entered into a state of pure primal rage. He had tapped into his Valkyrian might, unleashing power his grandfather could only dream of. Within an instant he found himself standing over the lifeless body of his grandfather. He in tradition buried him with his parents and took his grandfather's saber.

Within a year Valkyr who had now taken to the Galaxy found himself a Master. A Sith by the name of Xander, who taught him the ways of the dark side even further than his grandfather. Lightsaber combat came to him naturally as Valkyrians are known for their acrobatic grace let alone one with force abilities to enhance them. He became a force to be reckoned with and obtained a second saber off the body of a padawan he killed during a trail set by his master. His final test was to corrupt the crystal within the saber and turn it red. Valkyr traveled to Mustafar and entered a sith temple where he meditated and found the answers he sought. In doing so he was able to corrupt the padawan's saber and turn its crystal red.

Upon returning to his master he discovered that he vanished and other sith now sought to kill him as he was his master's apprentice. Exiling himself into the unknown regions he dedicated himself in the search for sith knowledge to further his training alone. 8 years later Valkyr reemerged from the depths of unknown space a powerful and formidable sith Master, he had found many holocrons of sith origin and learned all he could from him. Taking lessons from Sith such as Exar Kun, Revan, Plagueis, and many more. His skill with his sabers are unquestionable, and knowledge of the force nearly unmatched. He seeks revenge against those that drove him into exile and death to those that stand in his way.

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