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Wanted Faction Canon Characters



In order to keep our factions active we need certain characters to fill certain roles within the faction. Below is a list of these roles. Anybody who fills this role must remain active. The staff will revoke this account and this position if the person in question does not actively participate in their faction and on TGC. If you are interested in playing one of these roles contact Admin Droid. We will typically operate on a first come first served basis. If there is a lot of interest in one particular role we may have the staff or members vote.

Sith Eternal
Archbishop of WarThis character is the leader of the Sith military. They are the leader of the Eternal Knights as well as the order of Sith Troopers. They Report Directly to The Grand Lord.

Status:Thelle Tamme
Archbishop of ReligionThis character is responsible for the religious ideology of the cult. They recruit new members and make sure they are trained in the way of the Sith religion.

Status: Ramiel Daniels
Archbishop of FinanceThis character organizes and runs all of the businesses that support the secret cult. They are in charge of making sure that resources and credits keep flowing to the cult.

Status: Maize Wayne
The Grand LordThis is the ruler of the cult. When a worthy Dark Lord of the Sith is found this person will step aside or be killed. Until then they are in charge of the cult.

Status: Koga

New Jedi Order
Grand MasterThis is the leader of the New Jedi Order

Status: Hawk Hinata
Master HealerThis Jedi is in charge of all of the Jedi healers in the organization as well as the Jedi hospitals.

Status: Marck Vallen
BattlemasterThis Jedi is in charge of the Jedi military efforts and any war concerns

Status: Rogue Steiner
Academy Head MasterThis Jedi is in charge of all training. They oversee the academy and the pairings of padawans to their masters.

Status: Spark Vallen
Master HistorianThis Jedi is in charge of the archives and the missions to retrieve Jedi knowledge

Status: Kinu Oja
Master PeacekeeperThis Jedi is in charge of all political efforts. They oversee the Jedi watchmen and work with the Galactic Senate to keep relations between the Jedi and the galaxy positive.

Status: Danster Bokoto
Master ProphetThis Jedi is the one many Jedi turn to to interpret Force visions. They are responsible for keeping an eye on the Orders future and the will of the Force.

Status: Cid Diyoko

New Republic
ChancellorThis person is the ruler of the New Republic and in charge of the Galactic Senate

Status: Din Wenhekiz
High JudiciaryIn charge of the judicial branch

Status: Open
Commander in ChiefIn charge of all of the New Republic military branches

Status: Open
High Command NavalWorks under the CaC and leads the navy

Status :Open
High Command ArmyWorks under the CaC and leads the army

Status: Open
High Command StarfightersWorks under the CaC and leads the starfighters and Rogue Squadron

Status: Open
High Command IntelligenceWorks under the CaC and leads the Intel division

Status: Sarraka Jungreel

Galactic Underworld
KingpinThe leader of all of the organized efforts of the crime syndicate Several crime bosses work under this character.

Status: Open
Smuggling BossLeader of all the smugglers

Status: Open
Mercenary BossLeader of all the mercinaries

Status: Open
Bounty Hunting BossLeads all of the bounty hunters

Status: Kane E Smart
Mafia BossOversees all of the other criminal activity in the Underworld such as businesses and other shady dealings.

Status: Brody Royce

Witches of Dathomir​
Allyan High Priestess:Is the co-leader of all the witches, specializing in the lightside.

Status: Open
Nightsister Priestess:Is the co-leader of all the witches, specializing in the darkside.

Status: Odele Decuir
Dreaming River Clan LeaderCommands the clan

Status: Open
Singing Mountain Clan LeaderCommands the clan

Status: Open
Frenzied River Clan LeaderCommands the clan

Status: Open
The Spider Clan:Commands the clan

Status: Adira Ventress
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